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As CrossBeltSorters continues to sustainably design our products, consideration for their environmental impact remains a central corporate strategy. Our long-term emphasis is one of product durability, innovation, and quality that demonstrates our company’s approach to the material handling world.

Our design focus is one that incorporates environmentally sustainable materials, features and manufacturing capabilities into our new product designs. One of our design deliverables is durability which allows for repeated use, maintenance,repair and redeployment as needed over the product lifecycle.

Our crossbelt sorter not only uses a sustainable design approach from the beginning, but supports end of lifecycle sustainable practices. Ease of disassembly and the types of materials used are considered in the initial design for end of life reuse.

CrossBeltSorter’s monorail is extruded from 100% recycled aluminum. Each carrier uses 100% recyclable aluminum in the bulk of their components. Plastic parts are recyclable non-PVC materials containing a minimum of 30% post consumer recycled material.

Our patented linear motor drive system uses, on average, 30% less energy than competitive products.

Environmental Design

Cross Belt Sorters


CrossBeltSorters is very aware of sustainable practices in new green building initiatives and can also provide detailed product material data for organizations wishing to attain LEED certification for industrial/manufacturing types of buildings.


Cross Belt Sorters

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